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Welcome to Sector 7 members. At Sector 7 you will have protecting comrades as your first priority. I will introduce checkpoints as more and more members come along. To see these checkpoints you must be devoted to the clan and must try to help recruit reasonable members. As you advance and make yourself known you will be promoted through the ranks as followed, at recruit you are not yet considered part of the clan:
1. Recruit
2. Basic Infantry First Class (Basic Infantry)
3. Basic Infantry II
4. Trooper
5. Trooper II
6. Trooper III
7. Lancer
8. Lancer II
9. Lancer III
10. Agent
11. Agent II
12. Agent III
13. Operative
14. Operative II
15. Operative III
16. Operative IV
17. Ranger
18. Ranger II
19. Ranger III
20. Ranger IV
21. Honor Soldier
22. Guardian
23. Operations Administer

Obviously the Operations Administer is first in command and Guardian is second. At Agent you are a lower officer, at Operative you are an Officer, and at Ranger you will be a Higher Officer. An Honor Soldier is a commander and has authority of anything lower than him. Same goes for any officer ranks but a Lancer hasn't earned authority over anything, same goes for the trooper. I hope to see you advance through the ranks and hope you enjoy being a member of Sector 7.
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Sorry Members!

StalwardSpartan, Jul 20, 12 5:49 PM.
Sorry for keeping the clan site secret for so long. I'm pretyping this because I know someone will get upest.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

StalwardSpartan, Jul 19, 12 11:09 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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